Video is King! Digital video content and audiovisual advertisement are among the most important driving forces of the digital economy.

Whether it is concerning conventional IP-based devices or desktop computers and mobile phones: the number of possibilities and formats is constantly growing and leads to tremendous changes in the audience’s viewing behavior.

Buzzwords such as interactivity, personalization, flexibility and autonomy are omnipresent and exceedingly challenge content producers. The Hamburg based start-up recognizes this pressure of movie makers and offers a suitable solution within the war of strong content and numbers of hits through its software:

The team of encompassing its three founders Eugene Gross, Alexander Koleski and Sarah Luisa Thiele deals with video-analysis in combination with artificial intelligence.

Gross and Thiele worked in numerous television productions. They know the weak points in the media productions as well as in the monetary of online videos. Their Co-founder Koleski is an expert in the field of the neural networks. capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the field of video optimization. Its unique software enables the start-up to deliver important analysis data already during the video production and to swiftly integrate the necessary information into the video. This enables the optimal adaptation of content according to the needs of the target group and increases the rate of clicks.

In July the startup received the funding EXIST from the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy. The team of is based in Hamburg.

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