Test our aingine endʒin] – the AI platform for content creators!

Until today, content creators had to access various offerings by different AI market players for their work. This was never a complete and seldom a satisfying solution. With our aingine, a transcription and indexing platform, we have created one unique interface to countless AI providers.

The tool of the future – made for content creators

Our aingine transforms spoken and audio-visual content into precise data. The extensive labelling of the data makes the later search for certain content very easy. But there is more than that – for an ideal experience the different results of the the AI providers are consolidated and enhanced with intelligent features and our own applications.

One smart tool that bundles the most innovative and cutting edge AI products available on the market.

Our aingine not only gives you the best result of all AI providers, we also carefully curate which provider is best suited for your special demand – a service we are constantly working on.

We are continuously expanding our platform with more providers. Our aingine is constantly learning from the new information gathered.

Not just a smart tool, also a pragmatic one: All the information you need in one place.

If you have ever worked with transcription and indexing tools you know: Every AI provider is different and it is hard to keep track which one is best suited for your project. With our aingine we created an interface platform that combines lots of AI providers to give you the best solution for your task. Our meta data can be integrated in your content management system – intuitive and easy-to-use.

Failover Service

What happens if certain providers are not accessible? With our aingine the failover rate is going towards zero. We can assure professionals a consistent workflow without interruption. Our aingine always brings you the best results in the fastest possible way.

Transparent costs thanks to API

A single, clearly laid out invoice makes billing simple.